Formation, Ongoing Operation, Contracts, Buying and Selling

Grow your business while protecting your assets.

The goal of any business should be to maximize wealth for its owners.  Mr. King can help you grow your business while protecting its assets, and your personal assets. Mr. King frequently serves as outside general counsel to various businesses.  He listens to understand each client's business and the challenges unique to each business.  Mr. King uses his experience to provide strategic advice to assist clients in developing and implementing creative, cost-effective solutions for problems businesses and their owners face.  

Company Formation
Mr. King listens carefully to business clients and advises them as to the type of business entity that best fits their unique situations.  Among other things, the selection is driven by the nature of the business, plans for growth, capital structure, and tax consequences.  He helps educate startup business owners and structure the business entity in a way that provides tax advantages and allows for the most profit and growth.  He drafts operating agreements and shareholder agreements with buy/sell provisions to account for the unexpected.  He assists clients with the appropriate equity and tax structure that will enable clients to increase liability and asset protection, decrease administration costs, and operate in the most tax efficient manner.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Whether you are buying or selling a business, Mr. King has the experience and capability to handle all aspects of the transaction.  He has handled the purchase and sale of many small and multi-million dollar businesses.  He advises business clients as to the structure of business transactions to minimize any resulting tax consequences.

Raising Capital for Growth
Mr. King has a lot of securities experience, especially as it relates to small and medium size businesses.  He has helped clients raise capital for their businesses through the use of promissory notes, preferred returns to investors, and private equity offerings.  He works within the securities laws and registration exemptions to structure a way for companies to raise much needed capital.

Contract Negotiation and Strategic Planning
Mr. King has many years of experience representing clients in negotiations and mediations.  No matter what type of contract, Mr. King can help analyze the situation, the draft contract terms, and the relative bargaining power of the parties to create a strategy to accomplish clients’ goals.  He works hard to get the best result for clients.  Not only does he negotiate to get the best deal for clients, but often times he can negotiate a win-win for all parties, by recognizing and creating value where it did not exist before.

Licensing, Franchising, and Trademarks
Mr. King assists clients by counseling them regarding licensing and branding protection issues and by preparing licensing agreements and filing for trademark protection.  For those interested in buying or selling a franchise, he has also reviewed, negotiated, and prepared several franchise agreements.

Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, and Non-Compete Agreements
Clients face more and more risk as their businesses become more technologically sophisticated.  Salesmen and customer managers often leave in order to steal customers or business information.  Mr. King has successfully handled several cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, and tortious interference with contractual and business relations.  Mr. King has also successfully handled several cases involving restrictive covenants in both the employment context and in the sale-of-business context, such as non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and non-disparagement agreements.

Mr. King can prepare non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements that are enforceable under the laws governing your business entity.  Each state has its own rules in this regard, so he will not sell you a form document, but a document created for your needs and your situation under applicable state law.  He can and will assist in creating systems to protect your business information from those who would take it away and use it against you and your business.